Vital Signs that Denote the Spread of Damp in Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the vital spaces of a home. It is a wet space where all the major plumbing structures are located. Therefore, it is highly susceptible to moisture-induced issues like dampness.

Damps Can Damage Your Bathroom Space:

The signs of dampness on the bathroom wall are already bothersome. If left unaddressed, the problem can spiral into other complications. Damp promotes the growth of fungi and mould, which can greatly affect the structural integrity of the space. In the worst cases, it can also become the root cause of various health hazards.

How to Determine if Your Bathroom is Damp Infested?

If you spot any primary signs of dampness in your bathroom, it is advisable to contact an expert source for damp proofing in Oxford. Here are a few telltale signs that you should be aware of.

Discoloured Walls or Ceilings: Water dampness first affects the surface of the bathroom walls and ceiling. As primary signs, you may observe stains, yellowing, or dark patches. This problem is linked to penetrating dampness caused by prolonged water use. Not addressing this issue may cause problems for your health and the structural features of the bathroom.

Growth of Mould and Mildew: Warm air and a damp environment are breeding grounds for mould and mildew. As the homeowner, you should be proactive in checking their presence on the corners, grout lines, and plumbing fixtures. The identification process is easy, as you can spot fuzziness or different colours, including black, green, and brown.

Musty Odour: Dampness in the bathroom or any other home area can be determined by a characteristic smell. You would find an obvious unpleasant smell in the space. It may become suffocating if you remain exposed for a long time to this air. This is a primary indication of mould and mildew growth, which is a consequence of dampness.

Peeling or Bubbling Paint: Warm, humid air gets trapped between the multiple layers of the paint. The air tends to escape the trapped situation, which affects the painted surface. As the property owner, you should always pay keen attention to the painted surfaces of the bathroom, especially the walls and ceilings.

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